Photo of Brenda Barrett

Brenda represents clients in the energy and credit union industries, overseeing corporate transactions and providing general corporate counsel.

Brenda has focused a significant portion of her practice on the energy industry for 20 years, working most frequently with clients operating in the energy sector, including both public utilities and sponsors of new generation resources. She is particularly focused on renewable forms of energy and values working in a highly innovative, future-oriented industry. Brenda has extensive experience handling corporate finance matters, project finance, and general corporate governance issues, as well as counseling clients in the development, acquisition, and operation of renewable energy projects, including their due diligence process.

In addition to her work in the energy sector, Brenda also brings 20 years of experience with credit unions and routinely represents these organizations in transactions and regulatory matters. She works especially often with her credit union and CUSO clients on strategic mergers with other credit unions, and she performs contract review, advises on corporate governance questions, and represents the credit union before both state and federal regulators.

Brenda’s detail-oriented and goal-driven nature make her ideally suited to corporate and transactional work: she loves helping clients get to yes and helping both sides achieve a common goal. Known as approachable and accessible, Brenda is a problem solver who always gets clients an answer. Clients value her as an invested partner who’s truly engaged in their business.

As the shift from fossil-based energy production to renewable energy sources continues, growth in renewable energy projects under development has been staggering. But moving projects from early-stage development to commercial operations requires navigating complicated methods of financing their development, construction, and operation via structures that vary depending on project ownership, size, technology, and the regulatory environment.