Photo of Rob Markus

Rob guides clients through intricate real estate & development projects. With a background in software engineering,  Rob’s strong interest in real estate and development stems from witnessing global investments pour into his home state and city. At Husch Blackwell, he focuses primarily on real estate transactions, but he also enjoys delving into various facets of transactional law, especially corporate transactions.

The future of the green hydrogen industry in the United States will become a bit clearer in the coming weeks. Comments on the proposed hydrogen tax credits in 26 USC 45V were due by February 26, 2024, and will be discussed at a public hearing scheduled for March 25, 2024. This hearing will provide the public a clearer prediction of 45V’s final form.

Developers of renewable energy projects, many of which are built on agricultural land, should understand local laws and restrictions on foreign ownership and investment in these parcels.  Roughly half of US States have express limits on foreign investment in or purchase of privately held agricultural land. A large swath of the Midwest, plus states in the mid-Atlantic and Florida, among others, have some restrictions. Between January and June of 2023, fifteen states enacted restrictions on foreign ownership of land.