Photo of Bo Mahr

Bo knows how to leverage his in-depth knowledge of project development to foster the growth of the renewable energy industry.

From green fields to zoning ordinances to title curatives, Bo's renewables practice grew out of his history working around the energy sector. He spent time at both wind and solar companies and state and federal agencies, thus offering a breadth of knowledge advising energy clients front start to finish. This enables him to provide an array of real estate and development services on projects ranging from distributed generation to green hydrogen to floating solar.

Bo thrives on dissecting and resolving the complex issues that come with the dramatic growth in the industry. For Bo, counseling on renewable energy development is both a well-honed skill set and a passion. He works with clients to efficiently and effectively complete projects, and foster much needed sustainability and economic growth.

When President Jimmy Carter installed rooftop solar panels on the White House, public support for adoption of renewable energy was at a then all-time high and many imagined the possibility of rooftop solar on their own homes and in their own communities. Yet, barriers such as the high up-front installation cost of panels, and of

The siting of renewable energy infrastructure remains a contentious issue in some communities. Throughout the United States — both on the coasts and in the Midwest — new renewable energy development pits unlikely advocates against unlikely opposition. That said, more and more State governments that are looking to grow their renewable energy industries and meet climate goals are implementing legislative solutions to these renewable energy siting issues.