Photo of Greg Fontaine

Greg integrates deep industry knowledge and decades of experience to advise mining clients in complex transactions and regulatory proceedings. Greg assists clients – from major international companies to start-up ventures – in all stages of mining, from mineral exploration through mine, development, operations, and closure. His work for clients includes advice regarding joint ventures and other business combinations, strategic investments, debt and equity financing, royalty and product distribution agreements, and asset purchases, sales, and leasing.

The global transition to clean energy is accelerating.  Belatedly, attention is starting to move to mineral sourcing, particularly whether the necessary critical minerals will be available in the United States.  A recent Aspen Institute report observed: “As the world transitions to a new energy mix, it will require clean energy technologies that are extremely mineral intensive. Demand for minerals is projected to rise at unprecedented rates and could generate supply shortfalls that will slow, or potentially even derail, global efforts to reach net-zero targets.”[1]