Photo of Braden O'Brien

Braden brings a strong background in entrepreneurial law and the cannabis industry to his legal practice. After a pre-law career in multi-state sales for a cannabis equipment company, Braden recognized the significant challenges startups faced, especially in fundraising and navigating the intricacies of highly regulated industries. He currently focuses on cannabis transactions for companies of all sizes and at all stages.

In the bustling landscape of consumer goods, caffeinated beverages stand out as a daily staple for millions of Americans. A recent shift towards “clean caffeine” and caffeine alternatives has further energized consumer demand for ready-to-drink caffeinated beverages.

Recently, however, the spotlight has turned to the highly caffeinated beverage industry for far less stimulating reasons, as cases of alleged caffeine overconsumption have led to severe health repercussions. As highly caffeinated beverages continue to expand their market share, it is crucial for ready-to-drink beverage brands to carefully consider their product’s caffeination levels and the way those products are labeled and/or marketed.